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How To: Trim Your Own Bangs

By New You Editorial
Posted On Sep 13, 2019
How To: Trim Your Own Bangs

New You Beauty Tip: Follow these simple tips to keep your bangs beautiful in between salon trips.

You decided to get a new set of bangs but hate the constant trips to your stylist to maintain the look. New You gets it: Learn how to trim your own bangs with these quick tips.

Step 1:  Buy

  • Barber shears (not regular scissors)
    • Try: Conair 7 Barber Shears”  (www.target.com)
    • Hair Elastic
    • Bobby Pins


Step 2: Divide

  • Make sure hair is dry and comb bangs downward. Pull the rest of hair into a ponytail and pin any remaining fly-aways back.

Step 3:  Cut

  • Option 1:  Starting with the center, cut across.  Take small snips to ensure that you do not over cut. Go back and repeat until you are satisfied with the length.
  • Option 2:  Slide the Banco clip down so that a centimeter of your hair is sticking out at the bottom. Begin snipping vertically into each notch.  Repeat this step as needed until you achieve your desired length.