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Update Your Look

By Diana Dias
Posted On Jun 30, 2014

Life’s milestones are the perfect opportunities to re-examine your look—from the clothes you wear, to the hairstyle you keep, to the cosmetics you use.  Approaching a landmark like your 30th birthday is the perfect time to change up your makeup routine.


Gregorie Guillaume, a beauty guru and founder of HueKnewIt.com describes a woman’s third decade as “Coming into your own and becoming more comfortable in your skin.” Here Guillaume offers valuable advice on how to enter your next decade with a fresh and beautiful look.


Eye Makeover

Gregorie advises to “consider a mini makeover by taking stock of the shades that work for you and searching for the corresponding color-schemed palettes. Guillaume recommends Milani Cosmetics Runway Eye Shadows, specifically #11 Beach Sand because “they all have a pearlescent component that’s on-trend, reads sophisticated, and is not too heavy for a hot summer evening out. These shades can be worn wet or dry.”


Sophisticated Summer Eyes How To:

Step 1: Apply an eye shadow primer for staying power.

Step 2: Select one of the 11 subtle shades and apply it to the entire eyelid area; beginning from the inner corner and working outward to create a bright, shimmering eye.

Step 3: Accentuate this look by lining the top lash with dark brown or black liquid eyeliner. Go thicker for a bolder look.

Step 4: Complete this look by applying a lengthening mascara to make your eyes pop.


Show Your Skin Some Love

According to Gregorie, women should look closely in the mirror to ensure they are not creating a caked-on look by over applying layers of thick concealer. Today’s beauty market offers lighter, more effective options. “Start using Beauty Balms (BB) and Complexion Corrector (CC) creams. They deliver multiple skin care benefits, provide, a hint of complexion enhancing color, and are generally light in texture.” Give your eyes a break from the shadows during the workweek and simply use light makeup around the eyes and mascara.  Sometimes less can be more. Too much makeup everyday will not allow your skin to breathe and can lead to clogged pours. Drink lots of water and use sunblock to stay hydrated and protected.  Your skin will love you for it and take you flawlessly through the ages.



How to buy:  Milani Cosmetics Runway Eye Shadows, #11 Beach Sand



-Diana Dias; Cruzan Native, desperately seeking a naturally fuller head of hair