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Using Your Own Fat—The Ultimate Recycling

By Dr. Michael Newman
Posted On Mar 19, 2021
Using Your Own Fat—The Ultimate Recycling

We all have fat in places on our bodies that we don’t want.  Wish you could just throw it in the trash?  Don’t be so quick to scrap it!  Your fat has some great uses that you may not realize!

If you want to get rid of some fat, the best way to do that is with Liposuction which involves tiny incisions and long metal straws called cannulas that suck the fat out.  That same fat can be washed and then injected into a new location on your body!  Think of it as recycling!  Just like that aluminum can or glass jar you were about to toss in the trash—it has value!  Don’t waste it, repurpose that fat into something that can improve your look!

The most common areas for fat injection are the face, the breasts, and the buttocks.  Most of us are familiar with fat injection to the buttocks, also known as Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL for short, popularized by the Brazilians who have been pioneers in plastic surgery since the 1950’s.  BBL surgery popularity exploded in the United States and throughout the world with the Kardashians who proudly flaunted their shapely look.

However, there are other places that we can use fat as well.  For example, we all lose some volume in our face every year as we age.  Many people replace that volume with fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm.  Those products are temporary though.  Fat, in contrast, is permanent, and fat can result in a more natural look.  Facial fat injections usually focus on the cheeks, but other areas to consider are the temples, eyelids, jawline, and chin.

The third most common area for fat injection is the breasts.  True, breast implants are certainly much more common, but fat has the benefit of lasting forever, in contrast to implants.  That is why I call it the Forever Breast Augmentation!  Plus fat looks and feels much more natural since half of the breast volume is naturally made up of fat anyway.  Not everyone is a good candidate though since not everyone has enough fat to use so be sure to discuss options with your surgeon.

Fat injection has been performed safely for over 40 years.  So why is it such a hot topic now?  Techniques for washing the fat and injecting it have improved allowing for better results.  There are now specialized containers with a filter that allow your fat to be purified, removing the dead or damaged cells and preserving the healthy living cells so they can be re-injected into your body, all done in sterile environment and performed in minutes.

Recovery time for fat injection is also minimal with almost no scarring.  Most people can get back to work and exercise within a few days to a week.  So don’t be too upset if the numbers on your scale are up a few pounds, there is a way to relocate that fat and make it work better for you!

Dr. Michael Newman

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