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Wax On

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 26, 2013

New You Beauty Tip: Take care of your skin and body for the best wax results.

Waxing is still a great option for those of us who are sick of the imperfect finish that razors leave behind, but are not quite sold on laser hair removal. Noemi Grupenmager, founder and CEO of Uni K Wax is convinced that with a little preparation and upkeep, ladies looking for a flawless, hairless and beautiful bodies, do not have to look behind the wax.

For the Perfect Finish:

1. Alcohol tightens pores, so it is not a good idea to consume before getting waxed.

2. Sun protection is especially important during the first 24 hours after waxing in order to avoid redness.

3. If you are using AHA, Renova®, Retin-A® or corticosteroids such as hydro-cortisone, prednisone, Kenalog®, and Elocon® you SHOULD NOT get waxed in the treated areas. If you are under the treatment of Accutane® you SHOULD NOT get waxed.

4. Keep your skin healthy and hydrated all of the time. Drink lots of water!