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Kris Jenner Exclusive

By New You Editorial
Posted On Oct 10, 2013

New You: You say you never stop dreaming; dream big and work hard. Are there any additional goals we don’t know about?

Kris Jenner: I always have something in the back of my head, and it’s not always business-oriented. Today’s goal was to plant something in my garden. It makes me really happy to nest, create, and always be changing things up. There have been times when I had no money or no resources to do something like that, so I just keep rearranging the furniture. I’ll walk around the room if I don’t want to spend money, take all my family photos out of their frames and put new photos in, then put them in different places around the house. Or move the couch another way.


NY: What are your favorite nesting moments at home?

KJ: It gives me enormous pleasure to cook something for my family. When I feel I want to do something with myself and be creative, I’ll find myself in the kitchen baking my son-in-law, Lamar, a lemon cake; Kanye his brownies; or Kendall her favorite pasta. It’s a great way to express love for your family.


NY: Who would be a dream guest on your show?

KJ: Karl Lagerfeld. He’s iconic. I admire him so much as a fashion designer, and for what he created with the whole Chanel brand. I would ask him what makes him tick, what gets him up in the morning, where he gets his inspiration.


NY: How did your body bounce back after having your sixth child, at 41?

KJ: At 41, I got gestational diabetes during my pregnancy, gaining 80 pounds, and it was really difficult. After that, I decided I was done having kids. I was able to have my sixth that I had always dreamed about, and I just closed up shop. So, Bruce, my husband, got a vasectomy. He was great about it; he didn’t care.


NY: What did you do to get the 80 pounds off?

KJ: Nothing too extreme; I am still carrying around ten of it. I just try to eat right and exercise. For a while I did Billy Blanks “Tae Bo,” and now I work out with Gunnar Peterson as well as with Tracy Anderson. I’m on the Rocco Dispirito diet, and do some of Tracy’s food. It’s a combination of good food. There’s a lot of good food delivery programs in Los Angeles—Sunfare and Fresh Diet. I love the Atkins Diet. I feel better if I eat less and eat cleaner. I love to have a glass of wine at the end of the day, so I save my calories for that and not too many sweets. I have a girlfriend, Lisa, who can eat anything she wants and she never gains a pound… It’s so irritating.


NY: What would be your last meal?

KJ: My last meal would have to be Mexican food from Casa Vega. I would have the beef tacos, cheese enchilada, Chiquita salad, and the chips and salsa. And a margarita—maybe three margaritas. If it’s the last meal, I’m going for it. The snack choice would be Ruffles chips and onion dip, which is our family snack. We’re addicted to it. If we have a party and its catered, let’s say by the finest person in town, we have to have Ruffles chips and onion dip at that party. Kourtney loved them during her last pregnancy.


NY: What’s non-negotiable in your life?

KJ: Love. Love is everything. We go in and out of love in our lifetime. I don’t like change… even though I love change. I love really hard, and when someone is in my life they are in my life forever.


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