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American Refugee star, Jessi Case, dishes on her tips for getting red carpet ready, how she keeps her skin glowing, and working with Jennifer Aniston

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Posted On Nov 19, 2021
American Refugee star, Jessi Case, dishes on her tips for getting red carpet ready, how she keeps her skin glowing, and working with Jennifer Aniston

A native of Atlanta, GA, Jessi Case discovered her love for acting at just five years old, where she subsequently appeared in numerous print campaigns and commercials.  After a string of successful jobs, she and her family relocated to Los Angeles to further pursue her dream…  Now at 22 years old, Jessi is making her mark on Hollywood.  She starred opposite Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis in the hit film MOTHERS DAY, and will next be seen in the Epix thriller from Blumhouse, AMERICAN REFUGEE releasing December 10th.   New You had the chance to sit down with Jessi to chat all about her tips for getting red carpet ready, her skincare routine, self-care, and of course, all her exciting projects to come…. 

1.                  You star in the upcoming feature AMERICAN REFUGEE releasing December 10th. What can you tell us about the film without giving away any spoilers?

The premise of American Refugee is just a stretch away from what the world looked like in 2020. The story follows a family who desperately needs shelter, among many other necessities, during a nationwide catastrophe. It’s one of those films that’s going to suck you in and make it clear that greed can be the worst enemy of all.

2.                  You also had the opportunity of starring opposite Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, and Julia Roberts in the hit film MOTHER’S DAY.  What was it like to be on set with such a star-studded cast?

It’s hard to top an experience as special as this one. Being directed by Garry Marshall was wonderful. Everyone brought such great energy.

I remember I was watching the movie “Cake” with my mom and my sister. My sister, Ally, asked if I read for a certain role in it. That was a no. So, my mom, the magical wizard she is, said “Jess will work with Jennifer eventually”, pointing to her on the screen. Then, she pointed to Brit Robertson who plays Becky in “Cake” and goes “Probably even her too!”

What’s wild is that Jennifer, Brit, and I were all cast in Mother’s Day less than a year after that conversation. Everyone was terrific and working with such a seasoned team was a dream.

1.                  Speaking of Jennifer Aniston, she just launched her own hair care line… What would you say are your favorite products for getting red carpet ready?

She’s such a boss – I love seeing artists getting entrepreneurial. I’m all about accentuating my eyes so I like to put Kat von D’s super pomade vegan eyeliner on the waterline to make ‘em pop. Soap brows are another new obsession of mine. It’s the easiest way to tame and oomph up your brows. Putting a bit of color (I love colorpop ‘you are magnifico’ pressed blushed) across the bridge of your nose and over your cheeks is a game-changer for looking sweet and sun kissed.

1.                  Do you have a favorite beauty or skincare routine you can share with us?

I’m big on Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Clean Foaming Face Wash. I put a bit with warm water on a washcloth and gently cleanse my face with it every day. Then, I put on some Eva’s Naturals vitamin C+ serum. Once that sets in, I put on their retinol. Then, once that sets, I put on vitamin e oil. About once a week I use a face mask from Aztec Secret called Indian Healing Clay mask – you can feel it deep in your skin, detoxifying your pores. An amazing exfoliator to try out too is cure natural aqua gel – your face will feel like a babies tookus after trying it. I also make sure to drink a ton of water because our bodies need it to function properly and when we’re hydrated our skin glows a lil extra. 

As much fun as these kinds of products are, our skins state has a lot to do with what we consume and how we treat our bodies and minds. Make the make goal taking care of yourself + feeling good and all the bonuses like glowy skin and high energy will follow.

1.                  When it comes to red carpets or events, what does your day look like in terms of getting ready?

Events can require plenty of energy so it’s important to spend time taking care of yourself prior. I do my little skincare routine, I make sure I’m hydrated and nourished. Mentally, it’s great to be nourished as well, with some TLC like meditation. I almost always must start the day with the Beatles “Good Day, Sunshine” and then my wonderful team arrives to get me all glammed up.

1.                  Growing up in the spotlight can be tough… how do you think you’ve managed to stay so grounded?

A huge part of who you are is who you spend the most time with. I’m grateful I have authentic people around me who challenge me and make me want to be better. Also, when the goal is to enjoy yourself, you can drop the “ego act”. Being yourself and letting loose is brave in a world that sets standards on how we should think, look, and behave. I know for a fact that focusing on how fortunate we are is humbling. Gratitude grounds us.

1.                  What would be your dream role to play? Who in your industry would you say you most look up to?

I’d love to play a superhero or supervillain. I can go either way. Biopics are also something I’ve been quite drawn to because I like the idea of recreating what was once reality. Really playing any character that’s different from me is next level thrilling because your mind starts to think like the character, it’s like you’re in someone’s else’s head.

There are so many people in this industry that I look up to, it’d be impossible to narrow it down. But I must say, I do love following Kate Winslet’s career. She moves mountains with her performances. She’s also an environmentalist and humanitarian making great strides with both causes.

1.                  What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Some of the most powerful advice I’ve received is in Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Big Magic”. It should be every artist’s holy grail. Her book pounds it into any readers head how important it is to do whatever lights you up in life. Another timeless piece of advice is to trust your gut feelings.

And yet another, is to speak whatever you desire into existence. Write your dreams down as though they’ve already come into fruition. Tell yourself how grateful you are for the fact that you live the life you once dreamed of. Tell yourself how happy you are now that you have solid friends. Tell yourself how much you adore that you do your favorite thing in the world every day for work. Anything you want, act like you already got it, work at it, and it shall follow. 

1.                  Social media can sometimes create an unrealistic standard of beauty… What are your thoughts on this, and what would you tell other young women who are constantly comparing themselves to models and celebrities?

If you’re comparing yourself to social media gurus, models, and celebrities please remember how much work goes into what’s being posted. Not only is there photoshop, but also plastic surgery, personal trainers, dietitians, stylists, hair teams and makeup artists. I’ve sunk into that rabbit hole of comparison too. Following body positive creators has helped me feel more okay with being human. We tend to use beauty standards as a yardstick to measure our worth when these man-made standards are wildly unrealistic. Comparison can be incredibly damaging. Please prioritize your mental health and turn off your phone when you need to.

1.                  As someone who is passionate about animals and environmental issues, are there any cruelty free/sustainable beauty products you’re loving?

I love Kat von D’s makeup line that is 100% vegan. Milk makeup, ironically, is also vegan and on the more sustainable side.

You can keep up with Jessi Case on IG @jessiicase .


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