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Kornit Fashion Week LA Celebrates Diversity with Progressive Designers and Age-Inclusive, Size-Inclusive Models

By Contributor
Posted On Nov 17, 2021
Kornit Fashion Week LA Celebrates Diversity with Progressive Designers and Age-Inclusive, Size-Inclusive Models

Cover Photo Caption: Kornit Fashion Week Founder Motty Reif closes Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles alongside iconic Hollywood actress, Linda Gray

Committed to promoting diversity, inclusion and sustainability, Kornit Digital recently took over Downtown LA’s historic Pacific Stock Exchange Building for the first-ever Kornit Fashion Week LA to showcase collections of 22 internationally acclaimed, progressive and independent fashion designers. The four-day affair took place from November 2-5 and featured a mesmerizingly diverse cast of models from various countries, cultures, genders, sizes, ages, and sexualities all strutting together, perfectly blending art, inclusion, and human harmony. Hollywood starlets like Jamie King, Janele Moane and Anne Hache sat front row as new designs from fashion brands like Vivi Bellaish, Dreu Beckemberg, Georgine Studio, and Bishme Cromartie hit the runway, demonstrating Kornit’s revolutionary digital printing technologies. These weren’t just collection viewings, they were fashion spectacles complete with interpretive dance, roller skating and twerking (you know, a little something for everyone). 

“We had two missions for this event,” says Kornit Fashion Week Founder, Motty Reif, “diversity and sustainability. We required our designers to select models from every age range, gender, size, background, and sexuality. Everyone was represented in each of our shows,” he notes. “We had models that were 73 years of age, and walked the runway for the first time. It should be normal, but unfortunately it’s not. People loved it. Each time one of these models hit the runway, they were the focus of our attendees, with hundreds of phones going up to take pictures and capture video. The second mission is sustainability, brought by Kornit Digital technologies that print fabric using very low resources with chemical-free inks, and printing on demand to not produce more than needed.” 

Join us as we journey through some of our favorite moments from Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles while chatting more with mastermind Motty Reif along the way…

Vivi Bellaish Presentation

The first Kornit Fashion Week LA was a huge success! How was this first year in LA for you? 

Motty Reif: It was absolutely amazing! We had great feedback from attendees, designers, modeling agencies, producers and the press. Everybody felt that this event was special and different; it wasn’t just a fashion week, we were here to change how the Fashion Industry works. All our models and designers thanked us for the positive change our event brought to their lives. We had 18 shows, including a digital fashion show, with 22 designers from all over the world, exhibiting completely different collections, with a lot of techniques and prints developed with Kornit Digital. It was a fabulous melting pot of talents.

Georgine Presentation 

What was your favorite part of Kornit Fashion Week LA? 

People reacting more than positively to our diversity agenda. They were most attentive to models that are not the typical model. I was happy to see that our audience understood our mission.

Do you plan on doing another fashion week in LA next year? 

Yes, absolutely, we want the Kornit Fashion Week LA to be an annual event, with new designers each edition. We clearly marked the path to become the main Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

Dreu Beckemberg Presentation

How does Kornit Fashion Week differ from fashion week held in other cities of the world? 

Kornit Fashion Week is different from other fashion weeks because it has missions. We are not here for communication purposes, we are organizing this event to change the Fashion Industry and its impact on people and on our planet. 

Bishme Cromartie Presentation

What’s next for Kornit? 

Kornit Digital is launching its new print-to-roll machine: the Presto Max, with new capabilities and constant improvement of the past versions. The research team is doing a fantastic job developing new printers that are more efficient and more sustainable, using the lowest resources possible without any chemicals. The next edition of Kornit Fashion Week is happening in Tel Aviv in April 2022, with Israeli designers. Past editions were a huge success and we are expecting an even bigger event this year! We’re also excited to return to Los Angeles again in the near future! 

To learn more about Kornit Digital, visit www.Kornit.com

Kornit Fashion Week Founder Motty Reif hits the red carpet alongside actress Linda Gray at Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles

Photos courtesy Kornit Digital