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Anti-Aging Tip: Switch Hands, Eat Less

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 08, 2012

Most of us eat more than we actually want to, and end up feeling guilty about it and wondering why we did that. Part of eating is habit – just sitting there in front of the tube and stuffing your face. So, what if you changed your normal routine? One of the simplest patterns is that you eat with your dominant hand. Researchers at the University of Southern California test to see what would happen if you ate with the other hand. They tested this for people who were regular popcorn eaters. The result: Regular popcorn eaters chowed down 20% less. The reason, says lead researcher David Neal, Ph.D., is that switching hands slows you down and makes you become aware of your over-eating behavior.

Anti-Aging Tip: Next time you snack, switch hands and you’ll eat less.