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Sweating Out the Winter Blues

By Andrew Stone
Posted On Feb 04, 2021
Sweating Out the Winter Blues

We’ve called on some of our favorite fitness pros to help us sweat out those winter blues. 

The YogaFit Factor

There’s fit and there’s YogaFit—the effective, soul-engaging approach from yoga pioneer Beth Shaw, whose YogaFit offers instruction in more than 50 specialized methods. We caught up with her as two new books—YogaLean and YogaFit for Athletes—hit shelves:

How can yoga improve your life? 

Throughout my life I have suffered from depression, so daily practice is key for balance and to remain even-keeled. Working out almost daily is crucial for me, as is meditation. I find meditation to be an amazing way to reconnect the mind and body. I now practice TM [transcendental meditation] and I’ve also gone gluten-free, which has really improved my life. But yoga is the gateway drug.

What are some guidelines to wellness?

Take your health seriously. Many people define success by their achievements, degrees, or financial gain. I have a different measuring stick. I define success as: Are you healthy? Are you happy? Are you making a positive contribution to the world? Are you prosperous, and not just in a material way but spiritually abundant? Eighty percent of all adult disease is self-created, so your health really is in your hands.

Packing a Wallop

Heavy-hitter with a heart of gold Danny Musico, former Super Middleweight boxing champ and owner of his own elite Beverly Hills boxing gym, checks in with three training musts.

Musico gives the nod to the Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Brace ($104, bauerfeind.com). “This is the most comfortable support brace out there. It provides a high level of support without restricting range of motion, and it uses a soft mesh that’s machine washable.” If you suspect you’ve got an issue, consult a good orthopedic specialist right away. Also, stay away from any heavy squatting until a pro gives you the green light. A good alternative for non-resistant exercise while you heal? Swimming.

Rage Fitness Soft Stone Atlas Ball ($180 to $550, ragefitness.com) is also a fave. “You may remember the old strongman competitions, where a guy would hurl this big, heavy cement ball into the air?” Musico says. “These are the much more user-friendly, updated versions. They range in size from 50 to 250 pounds, and there are great exercises that incorporate them.”

Musico deems BioSteel ($60, biosteel.com) to be the king of protein. “It comes in chocolate and vanilla, and tastes great, not chalky or like chemicals, as is often the case with protein drinks. There’s no sugar, it’s low in carbohydrates, and it delivers 23 grams of high-quality protein per serving. That kind of supplementation is unprecedented.”

Push Past Your Plateaus

Fitness has entered the era of lightning-fast scientific discovery via genetics. The U.K.-based company, FitnessGenes, takes the search for optimal fitness results into the lab, analyzing your individual nutritional needs by way of a saliva sample. Upon analysis of more than 40 gene variations, you learn the optimal training, macronutrients, and supplements to help you get results ($199 for the DNA Performance Kit, fitnessgenes.com). Rather than looking outside for your answers, perhaps it’s time to look within.