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Daily Tip: Pump up the Pleasure

By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 09, 2012

New You Anti-Aging Tip: Elevate your dopamine levels (and mood) by eating foods high in leptin such as broccoli, apples, carrots, salmon and spinach.

Remember when you felt that heart racing, skin flushing feeling of bliss when you first fell in love? You thought recapturing that feeling again was hopeless. Studies show that the “pleasure chemical,” dopamine, declines by approximately six to seven percent with each decade (starting at 20). According to anti-aging expert, Dr. Eric Braverman, without sufficient levels of dopamine you become fatigued, uninterested in physical activities, and may suffer from decreased libido and obesity. In order to combat your aging brain, Dr. Braverman recommends increasing your intake of leptin, which is directly linked to dopamine levels. A healthy diet, high in letpins will power up your pleasure receptor and help fight your expanding waistline.