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End Those Salty Ways

By New You Editorial
Posted On May 04, 2011

Cutting down on salt consumption = quitting smoking?

The Japanese call it the miracle spice; clearly U.S. food makers believe that, since they load up everything from soups to spaghetti sauces with tons of it. Actually, whereas the American Heart Association recommends a daily allowance of 2,400 milligrams a day (about one teaspoon), the average American consumes 5,000 milligrams a day, more than twice that. The result is an epidemic of high blood pressure and other circulatory disorders. Now, even the Agriculture and Health and Human Services departments are recommending big cuts in salt consumption. NBC News got in the act recently, when Brian Williams told his audience that cutting down the average daily consumption of salt for the average American would be “the equivalent of quitting smoking” in terms of health benefits. Just throw it over your shoulder, for good luck.


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