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Fitting Into that Dress

By New You Editorial
Posted On May 16, 2011

Fitting into your favorite dress has never been so easy…

In our never-ending battle to remain thin – or to get thin on short notice – we are pleased to note that technology continues to offer new solutions. If you are looking to lose a dress size or two in a couple of weeks, but don’t want the downtime or discomfort of liposuction, then the Zerona is your answer. With its FDA approval now more than a year behind it, the Zerona low-frequency laser device has been thoroughly field-tested. Dr. Robert Jackson, a cosmetic surgeon who practices outside of Indianapolis, Ind., reports a 96% success rate with his patients who use Zerona. With 6 half-hour treatments, the non-invasive device (feels like a heat-lamp on your abdomen) is guaranteed by Dr. Jackson to remove a collective 3.5 inches from your waist, hips and thighs. “We give the patients a guarantee for their 3.5 inches or they get to use the money for other things,” says Dr. Jackson. “We found that when you measure all those areas it’s usually four to six inches. I had one lady who lost 15 inches.” Unlike traditional liposuction, however, the fat cells are not removed, only deflated, so you can regain the weight. On the other hand, with no discomfort, downtime or bruising, it fits the bill for a near-term event. “For a woman that wants to get ready for a wedding or get into a dress that she couldn’t before, it’s perfect,” says Dr. Jackson.


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