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Green Giants – The vegetables you should be eating

By Ruchel Louis Coetzee
Posted On Jun 09, 2021
Green Giants – The vegetables you should be eating

Your mother rightly insisted that you eat your greens. These chlorophyll-rich leaf veggies rejuvenate, oxygenate, and aid in digestion.


This nutritional powerhouse is the Big Poppa of all greens. Rich in vitamins A, C, K, and B6, as well as copper, calcium, manganese, and potassium, kale supports the body’s detox system. A few leaves a day—blanched and tossed in olive oil—increase food digestibility and help alkalize your body.

Collard Greens

Anyone from the Deep South will tell you that collard greens are tops when it comes to vitamin-packed fortification. Similar in nutrition to kale, collard greens have a hearty and chewy texture, a cabbage-like taste, and are packed with quality fiber. Swap your calorie-laden tortilla for a healthy collard green leaf the next time you make a burrito.

Turnip Greens

If you’re looking to boost the health of your eyes, look no further than turnip greens. Rich in vitamin A, these greens combat many age-related eye disorders and double as an antioxidant. Be sure not to throw away the stalks of the turnips—chop them into soups and stews for an extra infusion of vitamins, calcium, and iron.

Swiss Chard

The next time you are sautéing your dinner veggies, make the heart-friendly choice and reach for some lovely, red-stemmed Swiss chard leaves, with their beet-like taste and soft texture. The high percentage of vitamin K found in chard, together with its generous magnesium content, makes it a home run for your heart.


Fight the flu with this beloved, vitamin-packed green. A half-cup of broccoli provides 50 milligrams of vitamin C to boost your flagging immune system. And that’s just part of the story. Broccoli is a gold mine of nutritional punch, filled with potassium, said to help maintain a strong nervous system. It also has large doses of beta-carotene for eyes and plenty of fiber. It’s a staple you best not forget.