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Men’s Wellness Finder

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 23, 2014

19% of all smartphone owners use apps to monitor their fitness performance.

you’ve earned a raze

Your facial hair follicles are indifferent to your travel plans, yet your on-the-go lifestyle still requires that you look neat and trim. Now there’s an easy, tech-forward way to stave off stubble—the ShaveTech USB rechargeable travel shaver ($30, shavetech.com)—that charges via any USB connector or, yes, your computer. Packaged with a soft protection case and a cleaning brush, ShaveTech provides a comfy, nick-free shave— anywhere and 24–7.

The Olfactory Factor

It’s no small feat to conceive, create, and market a men’s fragrance. At long last, Polo Red has arrived as a bold new cologne. So, how exactly did an abstract concept turn into this lively, masculine scent? “Every World of Polo fragrance starts with a color, and in taking inspiration from its renowned car collection, red was the obvious choice,” says David Suffit of Ralph Lauren Fragrances.

“We needed the fragrance ‘nose,’ Olivier Gillotin, to create a scent that was red and bring to life the story behind our fragrance,” notes Suffit. Gillotin and team identified a powerful trio of ingredients—fresh red grapefruit, spicy red saffron, and deep red wood. “In this case, the concept was so well-defined, logical, and well thought out that finding the fragrance that embodied the concept was quite intuitive.”