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Phone Stress

By New You Editorial
Posted On Nov 13, 2020
Phone Stress

New You Health Tip: Set strict smart phone boundaries for after work hours.

If you never turn it off, you’ll always have to notice that blinking green light on your cell phone or tablet that says someone needs you. Due to latest technology, the job follows you even after hours. According to recent research by Kansas State University, detaching from work (during non work hours) is vital for recovery from the week’s stress. Checking emails on your phone may help catch up on projects or get ahead of the game, but it also causes job stress to mingle with home life, in a way that can disrupt one’s personal relationships.

“When people are really under stress their psychological and physical resources are drained, so they are less likely to self-regulate hostile behaviors and provide sufficient support for their spouse,” said YoungAh Park, assistant professor of psychology at Kansas State.

However, Park also understands that sometimes you just cannot shut down. If staying connected is a must after hours, set rules for when you allow yourself to look at emails and set expectations with co-workers about your ability to communicate. Self-phone regulation is a no brainer for yourself and even for your boss – a stress free employee makes a productive worker.