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HIP HIP HOORAY it’s National Piña Colada Day

By Cameron Peek
Posted On Jul 10, 2019
HIP HIP HOORAY it’s National Piña Colada Day

Do you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain…?

Happy National Piña Colada Day! Yes, there is a national holiday for this delicious pineapple drink and we aren’t mad about it. In celebration of this random yet perfect summer holiday, we’ve compiled four must-have items for every piña colada lover and a couple of fun facts too.

Did You Know?

  1. Piña Colada literally means “strained pineapple”
  2. The drink was invented in 1954 at the Hilton in San Juan
  3. Piña Colada is the official drink of Puerto Rico
  4. The Piña Colada song we all love to sing is actually called “Escape” and sung by Rupert Holmes
  5. The Piña Colada recipe has changed… allegedly. The official recipe is 1 part rum, 1 part coconut cream and 3 parts pineapple juice. Supposedly the original ratio was 1:2:4

(information courtesy of brobible.com)

Four Must-Have Items

The Perfect Tank Top

It’s summertime and we are all looking for the perfect excuse to purchase another tank top. So, here’s your excuse! Celebrate this national holiday in style with an adorable tank from Target. No one will question your love for all things pineapple and coconut after sporting this tank. (Target; $13)

National Piña Colada Day
Photo Courtesy of Target.com

Piña Colada Candle

As unfortunate as it is, we can’t always be on the beach drinking endless amounts of coconut cream, rum, and pineapple juice. That’s why a candle is the perfect way to transport you into a tropical paradise no matter where you are. (Goose Creek Candle; $13)

National Piña Colada Day
Photo Courtesy of Goose Creek Candle


Wine Set

Who doesn’t want to hear “You’re the Piña to my Colada!” This gift set is perfect for any friends getting married or just buy it for yourself because it’s fun and oh so cute! The pineapple cork alone is enough to make the set worth buying. (David’s Bridal; $11)

National Piña Colada Day
Photo Courtesy of davidsbridal.com

Dog Treats

Of course, we had to include furry friends! Not only do these treats mimic our favorite pineapple drink, but they are also made from ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. The treats contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. (Prized Pet; $7)

National Piña Colada Day
Photo Courtesy of Prized Pet

At the very least, make sure you get a Piña Colada today to celebrate! Cheers!