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Six Hacks To Pack The Perfect Suitcase

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Jun 09, 2021
Six Hacks To Pack The Perfect Suitcase

Traveling would be a lot more fun if the hassle of packing wasn’t included. With so many different airlines changing their bag regulations, it’s becoming quite the challenge fitting everything you need for your trip into one bag.

You can either eliminate half of the items you really want to carry with you, or you can become strategic while packing in order to be able to take all your necessities including everything from your flat iron to your favorite pair of heels.

Become a pro at packing with these six tips and you’ll never have to “make do” while traveling again.

Check the weather

First things first, ensure that you check what the weather will be during your trip. While no weather forecast is 100% accurate, it’s still important to have a general idea in order to pack accordingly. For instance, if the forecast is mostly sunny, then it would be safe to pack mostly summery clothes and sandals. However, throwing in a cardigan would probably be a good idea for chiller nights out.

Process of elimination

Speaking of what to pack, try laying out all the items you think you need for your trip on your bed so you can begin determining what to pack and what to put back. Focus on neutral colors and staple pieces that you’ll be able to pair with just about anything. If you’re into denim, only pack one pair of jeans with different tops (both casual and dressy). Trust us, you can definitely get away with repeating bottoms as long as you interchange tops and accessories.

Master folding techniques

Get space-efficient by knowing what to roll and what to fold. For stiffer items such as blazers, fold these in order to minimize wrinkles. However, for everything else, organize your clothing into piles and then roll them accordingly (sweaters, T-shirts, skirts, etc.).

Maximize every single section

Don’t leave anything empty. Place belts around the perimeter of your bag, stuff your socks in your shoes and roll underwear and bras neatly into the pockets. Also, use creative ways to store your jewelry without getting them tangled like placing earrings in button holes and necklaces between drinking straws.

Organize your carry-on

We all know how frustrating it can be to lose our luggage. The next time you’re taking a vacation, ensure that you organize your carry-on in a way that allows you to have all the necessary back-ups in the event of lost luggage. Be sure to pack items such as toothbrushes, medication, makeup, snacks, cash, ID’s, sunscreen, underwear, and an extra outfit that’s easy to roll up.

Top the suitcase with what you’ll need first

To make for a smoother trip and an easier unpacking routine, place the items you’ll most likely be needing first whether it’s the dress for a wedding, or your pajama’s. It’ll save you a ton of time sifting through all your neatly packed items if you pack things according to the days you’ll be needing them.

What’s the best tip you’ve discovered while packing?

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