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Stay Clear Of These Seven Toxic Personalities

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Mar 17, 2021
Stay Clear Of These Seven Toxic Personalities

People inspire you, or they drain you—pick them wisely. – Hans F. Hansen

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who will uplift, inspire, and motivate you, and those who will steal your joy. If you desire to live a life filled with peace and happiness, it’s vital to stay clear of the latter.

One thing that I’ve found to be true is that people come into your life for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime. Learning to differentiate between the two is one of the most essential parts of building healthy and meaningful relationships.

It’s also important to recognize that if your inner circle consists of yes men and people who all share the same opinion as you do, then you may want to re-evaluate your circle. For instance, if you’re a negative person, and your closest friends are just as negative, you’ll never recognize the need to change or grow.  According to some, , you’re a product of the five people you spend the most time with so even if one person in your circle is toxic, you’d be surprised at how quickly that can affect you.

Here are seven toxic personalities that you should stay away from at all costs:

  • Debbie Downers

These are the people who are constantly complaining about the negative aspects in their life as opposed seeing the brighter side. They can never see the bright side to any situation, and if you point out the good in something, they’ll be quick to highlight the negative instead. Debbie Downers are sure to bring down your mood in any setting with their bad mood and negative commentary.

  • Gossiping Gabe

“Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Ah, the gossiper. We’ve all come in contact with gossipers one too many times in our lives. These are the kind of people who take great pleasure in the misfortune of others. They also don’t grasp the concept of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” While we’ve all joked around on the premise of someone else’s mistakes, there are people who do it constantly. Be aware of people who will mask their malice to find out things about you only to go and spread it to others around them. Positive people will never be caught gossiping on a regular basis, and they won’t surround themselves with people who gossip either. On the flip side, positive people will seek to understand people and speak highly of those around them.

  • Manipulative Manny

Manipulative people can be a challenge to point out because they come under the disguise of a friend. These people will befriend you by learning your likes, dislikes, and the things that make you tick. However, they will usually turn around and use the information against you. There’s always a hidden agenda with manipulative people, and it usually has to do with wanting something that you have. They view relationships as “take, take, take” with no intention of giving on their end. These people will do anything they need to do to win you over just so that they can work you over for their own benefit.

  • Judgmental Jane

You find people’s unique perspective refreshing, but they find it “pointless.” You see the beauty in everything, but they only see the things that need to be fixed. Rather than seeing other people’s differences as a way to learn new things, they look down upon it and criticize it because they don’t understand. Judgmental people will only deter you from wanting to become more successful because each time you have what could potentially be a brilliant idea, they are quick to tear it apart. They’ll take the thing that you’re most passionate about, and they’ll cause you to feel lesser than for it.

  • Disrespectful Danny

In essence, disrespectful people are the grown-up bullies. They always have something to say and believe that they must get their point across no matter what. They will say inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times and make no apologies for their behavior. These people have no sense of boundaries and have no respect for your feelings, opinions, and privacy. The best way to spot a disrespectful person is to see how they interact with authority. If they are always quick to go against their boss’ instructions or they are always arguing with their parents, it’s safe to say that their respect for you won’t be there either.

  • Narcissistic Natalie

For these kind of people, it is their world, and you’re just living in it, or taking up space in their opinion. Self-absorbed people believe that they are always right and that their needs should be met above everyone else’s. These people will drain you of your time, talent, and energy with the sole purpose of fulfilling their own needs with little to no consideration of your needs. If you find yourself always wanting to say “it’s not always about you” to someone, then you’re probably in the presence of a narcissistic Natalie.

  • Two-faced Terry

They give “polite laughs” at your jokes and barely listen when you’re trying to open up about something that matters to you. These people are never sincere in their body language or interactions and they often say one thing to your face, but say the complete opposite behind your back. This is possibly one of the most dangerous kind of people because they often break down your walls, allowing you to trust them and then completely turn against you. Be very cautious not to get to the point where you’re drinking wine and painting nails with a two-faced individual.

Which personality have you come face to face with? How did you get this person out of your life?  Let us know in the comments section!

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