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Survive Valentine’s Day With These Fun Dates

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Feb 12, 2021
Survive Valentine’s Day With These Fun Dates

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day (aka doomsday for guys) is just a few days away. Girls have been shopping for their red and pink dresses since last year, while guys futilely pray their girls will overlook this ‘regular’ day. Fellas, cupid on steroids is coming and it is well beyond your XY chromosomes to impede the national day of rose massacre and chocolate overload.

But what if this Valentine’s Day was uniquely beautiful? Rather than a five-course meal at an overpriced restaurant where the lights are so dim, you might as well have not worn any makeup, get creative and do enjoyable things that won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Here are 5 super cute and fun date ideas that you and your sweetheart (and your bank account) will definitely enjoy:

Go on a hike:

For those lucky enough to live in the splendor of mountains, choose the closest hiking trail and go! If both of you are morning people, make it a sunrise hike (you’ll get some killer Instagram shots)! Don’t forget to pack lunch and have a picnic at the top- lunch with a view #winning.

Survive Valentine's Day With These Fun Dates
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Pick a random neighborhood and head off to explore:

Take the subway or bus and get off at a new stop. It’ll be great to spend the day with no inhibitions and see what hole in the wall restaurant you both stumble upon. Spontaneity is definitely the way to go!

Survive Valentine's Day With These Fun Dates
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Go camping in your backyard:

Pitch a tent, make a bonfire, roast some marshmallows, and finish the evening with some wine and stargazing…um perfection!

No backyard? Build a fort in the living room:

Move some furniture around and use colorful throws to make a cozy fort for two. Make some yummy appetizers, create tasty cocktails, pop in a movie and cuddle the night away. You’re welcome.

Sunset picnic:

Make it pretty and plush: bring blankets, throw pillows and candles to capture the romance. Pack a basket with a three course meal and wine and let the sunset and the magic of the day enchant you both.

Love is beautiful and it deserves to be celebrated accordingly! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!