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Mind Your Sugar

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 18, 2014

New You Health Tip: Know your sugar intake

By now many of us know that sugar, especially added sugar (fructose) is not our friend. It messes with our body’s ability to regulate the feeling of being full, leading to weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, and addiction that leads to more and more consumption. Experts agree that it is a “drug” in many senses of the word. But how much is too much and what is a safe amount to ingest? Although the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has not set a daily-recommended allowance for sugar, many leading scientists are pushing the conservative view that one should consumer no more than 10 percent of their calories, or approximately 50 grams of sugar daily. According to the IOM most of us are consuming between 143 and 208 grams daily. While the debate still stands, the harmful effects of sugar cannot be discounted. Here we offer a broad view of food choices and the sugar content that comes along with them. The choice is yours.



Size: 1/2 c

Sugar: 9 grams



Size: 1/2 c

Sugar: 43 grams


Orange juice (unsweetened)

Size: 1 c

Sugar: 20 grams


Carrot juice (unsweetened)

Size: 1 c

Sugar: 9 grams


Coke or Sprite

Size: 12 oz can

Sugar: 33 grams


Chocolate milkshake

Size: 10.6 oz (small)

Sugar: 62 grams


Fruited yogurt

Size: 8 oz

Sugar: 43 gram