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Potassium Potatoes

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 16, 2012

New You Anti-Aging Tip: Add a baked potato to your dinner plan as a complete source of potassium for vast health benefits.

Everyone knows that potassium is important for you. It helps with muscle contraction, nerve impulses and kidney function, but the main benefit is that potassium can reverse rising blood pressure. Harvard researchers have shown that people with diets rich in potassium are half as likely to have a stroke than those with diets low in potassium. So, where to turn for quality potassium? The most popular source is bananas, but it turns out that a baked potato, skin and all, is even better. It would take 3 and-a-half large bananas to pack more potassium punch than one single baked spud. Just remember, French fries cannot act as a replacement; you need a baked potato.