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The Other Vitamin E

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 19, 2011
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Do you have high cholesterol? Maybe Vitamin E is the answer.

Researchers from Singapore have found that taking the Vitamin E compound tocotrienol can significantly decrease triglycerides and cholesterol in just 30 days. The problem is that most Vitamin E supplements don’t contain tocotrienol. Turns out that Vitamin E houses eight compounds, in two forms: tocopherols and tocotrienols. Tocopherols are the type of Vitamin E you find in most drugstore supplements, while tocotrienols are usually found in certain foods, like oats, rye, bran and rice.

It’s not that tocopherols are useless, by the way.

The more common of the two types of E, they prevent some nervous system problems and have antioxidant capabilities that help the body fight off chronic disease. The tocotrienols have these properties as well, but also combat cholesterol. The Singapore patients were given 120 mg of Vitamin E tocotrienols a day for 30 days. The results showed 28 percent lower triglycerides, [the fat found in your blood], and 25 percent less total cholesterol, [fat found in your liver and intestines]. The tocotrienols also slowed down “bad” cholesterol from creating plaque, which leads to coronary artery disease. And this powerful form of Vitamin E may also help in the fight against cancer by reducing chronic inflammation. So check your Vitamin E supplements the next time you shop!


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