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Be a Vegan this January with “Veganuary”

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jan 14, 2015

Mark Your Calendars! “Veganuary” is here.

We all know January is the month for resolutions, renewed gym memberships, and an overall pledge for healthier living. Thousands of people are taking this one step further and declaring this month to be Veganuary. That’s right, Vegan + January = Veganuary. Thousands of people have taken a one-month pledge to eat vegan for all 31 days. This international campaign was the brainchild of UK-based husband and wife Matthew Glover and Jane Land. Seeing the success of the “Movember” movement, Glover and Land—who are passionately vegan—were inspired to launch a movement that introduces people to a meat- and dairy-free lifestyle. If going vegan is something you’ve considered for yourself, go to Veganuary.com and learn more. It’s never too late!