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5 Crazy Facts About Lipstick in Honor of National Lipstick Day

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jul 27, 2021
5 Crazy Facts About Lipstick in Honor of National Lipstick Day

Pucker up! National lipstick day marks every beauty lover’s favorite day of the year! Lipstick certainly deserves its very own holiday considering it’s a necessity to every woman’s makeup collection. To celebrate our favorite day of the year, we figured it’s only right to give this cosmetic the spotlight. Check out these 5 interesting, crazy facts we gathered from lipstickhistory.com.

1. Can you guess just how many years lipstick has been around? You’ll be shocked to know that the birth of lipstick was about 5,000 years ago (we’re talking the B.C. time period here) in Ancient Mesopotamia. The women during this time used crushed gemstones to decorate their lips.

2. Previous polls have found that approximately 80% of American women regularly wear lipstick. This helps explain why lipstick has earned its very own national holiday.

3. Many of us are guilty of rubbing this beauty essential around our mouths multiple times a day, but completely clueless of the ingredients it contains. We’re here to reveal the secret components—a modern lipstick typically includes a specific blend of oils, pigments, waxes, and emollients.

4. Need a little posture fixing? Studies have shown that women who regularly apply lipstick are prone to having better posture later in life. Say good-bye to back pain, and hello to radiant lips!

5. During early European times, women who wore lipstick were often considered prostitutes. It’s surprising that this everyday beauty essential was once viewed as a fashion accessory particular to only these types of ladies.

Do you have a favorite lipstick brand or color? Feel free to share it with us!