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Approaching Adult Acne

By Bianca Pastor
Posted On May 13, 2014

 Adult Acne Be Gone


As an adolescent and young adult, acne was never a concern. I falsely assumed that if my skin survived through my formative years unscathed, it would literally and figuratively be in the clear. In my 30s however, I began developing adult acne. I was devastated and began researching possible causes. Only to find that all sources indicated that adult acne is a common occurrence because the skin changes every seven years.


I noticed that my skin began to produce excess sebum that clogged my pores and caused me to develop severe acne. The worst part was the dark marks and the fear that they would result in permanent scars. Aside from sheer frustration, I was utterly embarrassed. How was I supposed to function as a normal adult, go to work and show my face in public? I fell into a serious state of depression and I had to force myself out of bed almost every day.


In a desperate attempt to cure my adult acne, I purchased any product on the market that claimed it would work. I also went to several dermatologists who referred me to expensive product lines. Nothing worked, until I was introduced to DERMAdoctor.


I was first introduced to this genius brand by an angel behind the cosmetics counter at Sephora. I arrived there to purchase yet another foundation to hide my cratered complexion. While asking for assistance, the store clerk took one look at my face and led me to the DERMAdoctor products. I politely declined at first due to my suspicion about spending money on yet another acne product. The clerk understood my concerns but pled his case and assured me that I would not be disappointed. I left the store that day with no foundation and a shopping bag containing DERMAdoctor’s Aint Misbehavin’ Cleanser, Picture Porefect Serum and a sample of Poetry in Lotion nightly retinol cream.


That night I removed my makeup and began testing. I immediately noticed that the Aint Misbehavin’ Cleanser was different to anything else I knew. As instructed, I applied it directly to my dry skin, adding no moisture to the product itself. The store clerk advised me to let the cleanser sit on my skin for a minute or so before rinsing to allow the anti aging, acne fighting AHA/BHA ingredients enough time to seep into my skin. After rinsing, I waited 20 minutes before applying a thin layer of the Poetry in Lotion nightly retinol cream and allowed that to sit on my skin for a couple minutes before I finally went to sleep.


The next morning I saw an immediate improvement in my skin. The active cysts on my face were all significantly reduced and I began to see a slight lightening of my post acne scarring. That morning I applied the Aint Misbehavin’ Cleanser right onto my dry skin. Then after rinsing, I applied one pump of the Picture Porefect Serum. The serum felt like heaven on my skin and sat perfectly under my makeup. After about a week of strictly following this routine, I saw an intense improvement in my skin. Within the month, all of my adult acne was gone and post acne scarring was severely faded.


A year after finding DERMAdoctor—with the exception of the occasional hormonal blemish—I am free of adult acne and post acne scarring. I owe the health of my skin and overall peace of mind to the formulations created by DERMAdoctor founder, Dr. Audrey Kunin.


Meet the Doctor: Dr. Kunin is passionate about solving an array of skin issues. “Our products are literally used on toddlers, the elderly and everyone in between.” In her quest to appeal to everyone, Kunin selected a fun, caricature-type look for DERMAdoctor’s packaging. When asked about the motivation behind the design, Kunin says, “What I learned was that people are afraid of physicians and products that come across as masculine, sterile and super clinical. I wanted to create a brand that was as steeped in science as any other, yet approachable, helping us talk about the skin care concerns we all experience.”



How to Buy:

Ain’t Misbehavin medicated AHA/BHA Cleanser – 7oz

Picture Porefect pore minimizing solution – 1 oz

Poetry In Lotion intensive retinol 1.0 – 1oz

The brand also has a full line of products that address a myriad of skin concerns. Aside from the acne-focused products, I recommend the following DERMAdoctor items for everyday skin maintenance.


DD Cream broad spectrum spf 30 – 1.3 oz

Brazilian Bombshell skin perfecting body lotion w/broad spectrum spf 30 – 5.5 oz ($48)


All DERMAdoctor products can be purchased on their website at dermadoctor.com. A selection of products are also available at Ulta and Sephora stores.



-Bianca Pastor; Spontaneous and outgoing, seeking an end to my perpetually oily skin