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The Art of Fragrance Layering

By Elena Schmidt
Posted On May 14, 2014

Spring Spritzing


I love spritzing perfume and smelling the scent on my body. Inhaling my favorite scents brings a smile to my face, completes my look, and gives me an extra boost of confidence to face the day. But the benefit is often short lived because the initial strong scent fades fast. Hours after my first spritz, I often question whether I ever put perfume on to begin with.


Carrying perfume around everywhere might solve the problem, but like most women, I leave mine at home. Without the option to reapply throughout the day, I wondered what crafty techniques I could utilize to make the scent last.


Sitting down with Patti Kapla, fragrance expert from FragranceNet.com, I learned how to stay scented throughout the day. Kapla’s strategy is called “fragrance layering,” which involves taking any perfume of your choosing and mixing it with lotions and oils to extend the fragrance’s shelf life. As an added bonus, mixing perfumes with scented oils and lotions creates brand new signature scents!


New You: What is fragrance layering and why do we need to know about it?

Patti Kapla: The skill of layering is all about incorporating the right products and scents into your beauty routine to make your fragrance last longer or to change your scent in unique ways for more impact.  For example, applying the matching shower gel, lotion, and perfume is an easy way to guarantee a long lasting scent. To have a little bit more fun with layering and to go from day to night, take into consideration the fragrance notes in the scents you have. Wear whichever day scent you prefer and choose an evening perfume that carries forward a main note of the day fragrance. If you wear a citrus scented fragrance, top it off with the same citrus note carried in a different fragrance for night.


NY: How did you learn the right methods for fragrance layering?

PK: My mom was a fragrance fanatic and also a great teacher, but learning how to layer really comes down to trial and error.


NY: What is your favorite combination of scents?

PK: I personally like the combination of PK: woods/earthy scents mixed with florals. I feel this combination of scents is sophisticated, crisp and “real.”


NY: What is your scent of the season and how do you layer it?

PK: Experiment, experiment, experiment. Again, not all fragrances smell good on all people so this is largely based on trial and error. Personally, I would pair Calvin Klein Downtown with a fruity scent such as Escada Taj Sunset, which features a citrus blood orange blow and nectarine as its top notes. That gives way to the alluring scent of Malay apple and pomarosa.



Elena Schmidt, Naturally Light, Sun Kissed Miamian, seeking to find my perfect shade.