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Clean Brush

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 04, 2013

New You Daily Tip:  Maintain a clean mane by keeping a clean hair brush.

Consider your hair brush a trap.  Over time it collects dust, dead skin, broken hair, conditioner residue, oil, germs and even dust mites.  If you are wondering why your freshly washed hair still lacks its bounce and shine, the culprit is most likely your hair brush.  Keeping your hair brush clean will ensure your hair maintains a healthy appearance.  To properly clean your brushes follow these simple steps at least once a week; it only takes a couple of minutes:

  1. Remove excess hair from your brush and combs and place them in a warm bowl of water.
  2.  Add your shampoo to the water and stir using the brushes.
  3.  If your brushes are very dirty we recommend using a wash cloth or sponge. (Note:  Do not soak wooden handle brushes, this can damage them.)
  4.  Let dry.