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Under the Sea

By New You Editorial
Posted On Dec 04, 2013

By Ruchel Louis Coetzee

The body requires 56 minerals and trace elements to function properly—and sea vegetables have all of them. Dr. Felicia D. Stoler, author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes, insists “sea vegetables maintain their nutrient structure, even when cooked.” Most health food stores carry some form of seaweed, but shop online (sunfood.com, rawguru.com, therawfoodworldonline.com) for a multitude of options.

KELP Vitamin Sea
Kelp has the mother lode of nutrients packed into its wavy brown leaves. Not only does it contain the entire spectrum of vitamins, it’s also loaded with protein, ber, and naturally occurring iodine. Another bonus ingredient is glutamic acid, able to soften beans (four inches of kelp per pound of bean) and make them more digestible.

HIJIKI Calcium King
Hijiki may trail slightly behind kelp in its nutrient content, but it contains more calcium than any other sea vegetable. In terms of bone health, this is a great substitute for dairy. Neutral in taste, hijiki can be added to side dishes such as rice or vegetables. Sneak it in for extra iron, magnesium, and calcium at dinnertime.

NORI Vegans’ Protein Choice
Vegans and vegetarians looking for protein alternatives: Nori is your answer. This sea vegetable, used commonly as the wrap around your sushi, is one-third protein and one-third ber. For true vegans who lack B-12 in their diet, nori is a natural go-to source.

AGAR-AGAR Diet Helper
This nutritious, gelatinous red sea vegetable is 80% ber. While digesting, water absorption causes it to swell in the stomach, which helps you feel instantly satiated. With zero sugar or fat and only 14 calories per tablespoon, agar jellies make an excellent and natural low-calorie dessert alternative. Agar can also be used for jelly cake fillings or as a thickening agent for soups, ice cream, and preserves.

BLADDERWACK?Nutrient-Filled Spa Wrap
Also known as rockweed, this is the seaweed that health spas wrap around your body to relieve muscle and joint pain. Bladderwack has a high concentration of iodine 127, the chief component of the hormone produced by our metabolism-regulating thyroid gland. Bladderwack is said to be very effective when treating thyroid issues.

DULSE Dynamite Seasoning
Considering all the nutrients in this red sea vegetable, dulse in a dried flake or powder form is frequently used as a powerful seasoning for soups, salads, and vegetables. Through the centuries, dulse has been considered an important source of ber. Our ancestors always knew what would be best for us!