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The High Gloss

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 08, 2014

Avoid A Lackluster Smile With This New Lip Gloss

I don’t usually wear color on my lips, but I decided to take a chance with Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge lip gloss in the new Metalrose shade.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the color wasn’t as overpowering as the “intense color” description warned.

Shiseido took it’s cue from their Japanese heritage and created a Lacquer Rouge collection, mimicking the shiny appearance and smooth texture of Japanese Laquerware. The gloss isn’t sticky and also doesn’t bleed like other glosses.

I love the creamy texture and feel comfortable going out with a touch more color than I usually use. An added bonus is the Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE, an advanced moisturizing ingredient which promises to improve the dry condition of my lips.

I appreciate the value of a quality lip gloss. Luckily, it also comes in 25 different colors I’m comfortable with wearing daily.


Pros: Long lasting, applies evenly, and moisturizes!

 Cons: You might not get the color you were expecting.


How to Buy: sephora.com and check out all the colors!