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How To Reduce Puffy Eyes in 3-minutes

By New You Editorial
Posted On Mar 17, 2015


NEW YOU loves GLAMGLOW’s latest answer to tired and puffy eyes. Going to an impromptu night on the town, after a long day at the office? BRIGHTMUD’s patented technology is designed to seriously de-puff eyes in 3-minutes! We asked GLAMGLOW’s co-founder Glenn Dellimore to explain why.

NEW YOU: What are the benefits of BRIGHTMUD?

GD: BRIGHTMUD instantly de-puffs, brightens dark circles, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, cools the skin & hydrates. BRIGHTMUD is for Super Sexy Eyes in just 3 minutes!

NEW YOU: Can you please explain the benefits of the ingredient nitroffeine?

GD: GLAMGLOW’s revolutionary NITROFFEINE™ formula goes much further than traditional caffeine. It helps alleviate dark circles & tired looking eyes by combining powerful Caffeine molecules from around the world. Potent actives awaken the eyes and reduce fatigue. It stimulates under eye and orbital lymphatic drainage, reduces skin fatigue and provides a temporary “zing” sensation.

NEW YOU: Should a person wipe in any particular direction?

GD: It is not necessary to wipe it off in any particular direction but we find it’s easiest to wipe from inner corner of the eye and outward. The most important step when applying BRIGHTMUD is to tap the treatment on under the eye and around the orbital eye. The tapping is what activates the product.

NEW YOU: What is the price and where can it be purchased?

GD: $69 – Nordstrom


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