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South Beach in a Bottle

By Diana Dias
Posted On Apr 01, 2014

Protect your skin from Anti-Aging effects with MB Suncare.

Picture this, Miami Beach, Spring Break, and a beautiful  sunset set the tone for the launch party of MB SUNCARE.  The result of a collaboration between the City of Miami Beach and Destination Brands International, MB Suncare seems like an inevitable creation from two brands whos reputation relies on sun.  I thought, what took so long?

Lili Estefan, host of the Univision show “El Gordo y la Flaca” was a fitting face and personality to introduce this brand new line, marked by their pleasant scent and ingredients taken straight from the South Florida ocean.

I dipped into the gift bags and immediately tested the SPF 15 Salt Water Sport Sunscreen Gel, SPF 30 Triple Action Sea Kelp Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50 Sport Spray Sunscreen, and Sunless Bronzer Continuous Spray. I found that all products in MB SUNCARE left my skin soft—not sticky.

I tested the sunless bronzer under my arm first before committing to spreading it over a larger area because of the obvious orange and streaky risk I have taken with previous brands. The next day following the launch, I examined my underarm and was pleased with the bronze shade that appeared naturally sunskissed.

I am one of (many) women who is addicted to achieving a perfect shade of bronze but I understand  anti aging skin care rules decisively conclude that soaking up sun for color will only backfire in the form of future wrinkles and spots it will inspire. Using MB Suncare sunscreen by day and its sunless bronzer by night allow me to the achieve my desired look while still following the rules.

Pros:  Perfect for people who do a lot of outdoor sports and are looking for sun care with anti-aging benefits.

Cons:  Your city did not invent this first.

How to Buy: miamibeachsun.com


-Diana Dias; Cruzan Native, desperately seeking a naturally fuller head of hair