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Tried and Tested Stress-Relief Techniques

By Samantha Boden
Posted On May 16, 2014

After a stress filled day spent with my head in my hands and my forehead crinkled glaring at a computer, I can almost feel the wrinkles forming and fog filling my brain. I am exhausted, yet anxious and in dire need of peace.

I know that stress leads to advanced aging and disease, but remedying this common physical state with relaxation is not as simple as it seems. I have learned that it is something I must seek and practice. After trying several products, I recommend the following three to bring your stress levels to neutral.


Bed Buddy at Home line of products combat stress and help me unwind. The relaxation mask, foot warmers, and comfort wrap feel amazing and work wonders to put my mind at ease. The products can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer, but I find that the warming sensation on my face, neck, and feet is more of a tension reliever than the cooling sensation. When I get stressed, my eye often twitches, and the heated mask is my only remedy.


Pros: Very affordable, really relieves stress.

Cons: The mask is a little tight around my head.

How to buy: $10.50-$18, carex.com


My tiny, shoebox-like New York City apartment has a window AC unit, and as a result, my bedroom never gets as cool as I would like. I like to sleep in an Artic Tundra environment, so I often toss and turn through sleepless, stressful nights. The Cool Flash Pillow is an amazing solution because it provides an instant cooling sensation. The Cool Flash Pad is pressure-activated, so once I lay down, it cools immediately. I lie on the pillow while reading or watching TV and can easily fall asleep.


Pros: It is cool and soothing.

Cons: The pillow is small, but still gets the job done.

How to buy: $25, coolcaretechnologies.com


One of my favorite relaxation techniques is taking a long, warm bath. I light a few candles and create a relaxing ambiance. I like to try different products, but I fell in love with Mixture handcrafted bath bombs. These bombs are heaven in a ball. I love the Lauren’s Lavender Garden scent because lavender is known to be a natural stress reliever. I drop one into my warm running bath and watch it explode with an aromatic scent. Instantly, I am taken from a stressful day to one of my favorite relaxing places, Santorini, Greece.


Pros: The scent is so strong and relaxing.

Cons: a bit on the pricier side, but can be used multiple times and handcrafted

How to buy: $8, mixtureonline.com



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