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White Reconsidered

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 03, 2014

Whiten Naturally

A smile can stop a conversation dead in its tracks, affect your chances of getting that job, that future husband, and that poignant point across: Bad breath and yellow teeth are two conditions that can affect that smile. Not only do white teeth make me look and feel younger, fresh breath makes me feel confident in my ability to engage and socialize.

Many cleansing and whitening products are extremely harsh and pungent with alcohol and sulfates. I am not comfortable using these products regularly, especially since I read about the potential dangers New You uncovered in the recent article, “Oral Fixation”.

I recently tried Cl?sys’s pack of fluoride free and sulfate free toothpaste, alcohol free mouthwash and breath spray and continue to use the kit daily as an alternative to these harsh products. I am not sure that a proper order exists but my routine is this: First I brush, then I gargle, finally I spray. The difference between the Cl?sys products and others is extremely apparent in their mild flavor and lack of foam, which indicates the presence of sulfates.

The toothpaste and breath spray have a hint of mint flavor, but the mouthwash is void of all flavor, which is unusual compared to the very strong products I am used to using. While unexpected at first, I have come to love this mild, natural teeth whitening system and the wonders that it has done for my smile.

PROS: Natural teeth whitening product, mild flavor, effective.

CONS: Toothpaste is slightly smaller than “normal” portioned pastes.

HOW TO BUY: select Walgreens, Wal-Marts, CVS, and closys.com; One Month Fluoride Free Kit $24.99

Elena Schmidt, naturally light sun kissed Miamian, seeking to find my perfect shade.