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CLAWS star Jenn Lyon: Saying Goodbye to Jennifer Husser, Her Pursuit of “Usefulness”, and What It Means To Be Of Service

By Contributor
Posted On Nov 30, 2021
CLAWS star Jenn Lyon: Saying Goodbye to Jennifer Husser, Her Pursuit of “Usefulness”, and What It Means To Be Of Service

Jenn Lyon, actress, writer, producer, co-founder of internet sketch group POYKPAC  is a true multi-hyphenate in the industry. She is also the mastermind behind the fan favorite character, Jennifer Husser, in TNT’s hit series CLAWS, which returns for its final season December 19th. Outside of her work she is a tremendous advocate for mental health, and despite her busy schedule finds the time to lend her voice and time to a myriad of charitable causes.

Jenn is as authentic as they come, and a true embodiment of love, women’s empowerment, and not to mention—WIT! We were so excited at the chance to sit down with her to talk about her charity work, her favorite brands on the market, and of course, the final season of CLAWS.

Your credits as an actress are incredibly impressive but somehow aren’t nearly as impressive as the charitable work you’ve done. You’ve worked with organizations such as NEDA, The Loveland Foundation, A is For, Black Women Lead, and work at a Brooklyn food pantry twice a week. What drew you to working with so many incredible nonprofits/organizations?

I gotta give credit to my parents. They both instilled in me that life isn’t as much about the pursuit of happiness as the pursuit of usefulness. Happiness is a residue, a feeling that comes and goes like weather, so I try not to chase it. But being awake and helping people or learning from them and being engaged in the community sure makes it come around more often. There is a quote I’ve always loved that says, “Service is the rent we pay for being alive.” 

What are some little ways that people can get involved in charity work? 

You can legit Google it! Google “Volunteer Opportunities” and it will pop up what is around you! Or go to the library! Or think of what organization you want to rep for and look them up and call!  Animal shelters frequently need dog walkers, nursing homes need people to read to seniors, the community might need help registering people to vote, a shelter might need someone to do laundry overnight- all you have to do is begin. 

You always have the most stunning nails. If you had to wear one set for the rest of your life what would it look like?

All glory to the nail techs of the world. Tip your nail techs! One set for the rest of my life?! That’s like asking me to get a tattoo. I’m far too fickle. 

What are some of the brands that you are loving right now (fashion/makeup/skincare, etc)?

For fashion I love ModCloth, Unselfish Lover, Fashion Brand Company, A. Potts- I also find great plus size stuff on Etsy. For makeup I really dig Tatcha powder and Il Makiage foundation really is worth the hype. I love Buxom glosses- I have a lip gloss problem- I try to go matte but I’m a slave to the shine. Skincare is also Tatcha and Paula’s Choice and ZitSticka. 

What can fans expect from the final season of CLAWS?

I think Carl Sagan said it best when he said,

 “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” 

Without giving anything away, are you happy with the ending  your character gets in the series finale?

I wish it wasn’t the end so badly, but we are very lucky that we have brilliant writers who send us out in style. 

Do you have anything our readers should lookout for?

Their cholesterol? And maybe me on an HBO series? Both feel important. 

With another pandemic year almost in the books, what have some of your biggest takeaways these past 2 years?

My biggest takeaways have been about getting still and listening. Learning to ride the waves of uncertainty. Coming back to the present moment instead of constantly future tripping. 

What are you most looking forward to in the new year?

Didn’t I just say I’m trying not to future trip?! 

You can follow Jenn on Instagram and Twitter @TheJennLyon


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