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Q&A with Celeb Advisor on Overcoming Fear and Following Dreams in Uncertain Times

By New You Editorial
Posted On Apr 01, 2020
Q&A with Celeb Advisor on Overcoming Fear and Following Dreams in Uncertain Times

New You caught up with Vanessa Petronelli, a fulfillment expert, teacher, and speaker who guides purpose driven celebrities & entertainment industry professionals to achieve next level success, impact & fulfillment through personal and spiritual transformation.

Check out our Q&A on following your dreams, building self confidence and overcoming fear.

Photo Credits: Gabby Perez/Emagen Photo

1.What advice would you give to a woman about following her dreams? 

A woman’s dreams have been planted within her for a reason. Dreams are not just passing ideas or useless fantasies. They appear, and keep reappearing, because something inside her sees their possibility. And there are always going to be naysayers, people who will judge her or talk her out of her dreams. Without believing in herself and surrounding herself only with supporters, a woman will lose that respect and nurturing of her dream. So it’s important to take consistent inspired action and spend time everyday connecting to that dream, regardless of where she is on the path to achieving it. 

2. How can women become more self-confident and powerful?

Confidence is always an inside job. Feeling and actually being in your power is not sourced by your job title, your wardrobe or even your latest successes. When a woman embraces all of who she is and learns to love, honor and appreciate what makes her unique, she embodies confidence and power that comes from within. A woman exudes it when she has fully owned her journey and her story, all the ups and downs, in a way that brings wisdom to her perspective of life. Feeling confident and empowered requires a daily commitment to returning to trusting in yourself.

3. What is your best tip on how to overcome fear?

Fear has the ability to completely freeze and hold you back. Or it can be converted into fuel to move forward. Just know that fear is evolutionarily designed to protect us and keep us safe. And sometimes being safe is a good thing. Something we want and need. And other times, being safe is actually not what we want. This is often true in seeking a goal. Following our fears and playing it safe, will only keep us right where we are. Fear in those situations is something to pause, notice and get curious about. What can be learned from it? Then have it inform our action and not impede our action. Because fear will always be a part of the human condition. Fear is best used as feedback rather than a gatekeeper.