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5 Great Reasons to Stand Up Straight

By New You Editorial
Posted On Jun 09, 2014

New You Health Tip: Focus on good posture for a slew of health and beauty benefits.


Have you ever been scolded by a friend or family member to “stand up straight?” You are not alone in your slouching ways, but as it turns out you have several good reasons to straighten up. Here we talk to Bill Schultz, the president and founder of AlignMed and research-based innovator focused on the mechanical, neurological and aesthetic functions of posture about how posture affects five aspects of your overall health and beauty.

  1.  “Correct alignment improves blood flow and reduces stress on joints,” says Schultz. Increased blood flow means better muscle strength.
  2. How you sit is just as important as how long you’ve been sitting for. If you sit with your head in a forward position, serious neck pain can occur as a result. Sitting with good posture can prevent neck and spinal damage.
  3. Holding your head up high can create great balance and in retrospect means “many physiological systems will function optimally,” says Schultz.
  4. Chronic pains can be avoided by simply trying to maintain good posture.
  5. Posture affects our mood, energy and self-confidence, which also influences how attractive we are seen to others. “You don’t see supermodels slouched over as they strut down the runway,” Schultz notes.