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And Then There Was Red Juice

By Tiffany Thomas
Posted On Apr 09, 2021
And Then There Was Red Juice


When everyone joined the healthy club a few years ago, we saw the popular rise of green juices. They became popular because of their obvious nutrient-dense base, the freshness, and the surprising cost effectiveness.

The most common kind of green juice is usually started off with either kale, celery, spinach, or cucumber as the base and then mixed with various fruits such as pineapple, bananas, berries, and apples.

With the green juice phenomenon, it has been extremely difficult to wean people off of it in an attempt to try something new. This is the problem that Natalie Sexton faced with her Florida-based juice company until they tried her red juice.

“People became so tunnel vision on green that they forgot that there is a whole spectrum of fruits and vegetables that we can take,” she said in an interview.

As a result, Natalie has now found that her best-selling juice is actually red juice, which is made from tomatoes.

“People are shocked at what a fresh tomato juice tastes like,” she also said that, “People are shocked at what a fresh tomato juice tastes like because they think it  is supposed to be salty.”

Raw tomato juice is a great source of essential vitamins such as vitamin A and K, as well as all the B vitamins. It also contains iron, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous. Tomato juice is extremely beneficial to your health as well in that it reduces stress and the risk of heart disease, promotes digestion, and works great to maintain healthy skin and hair.

According to Epoch Times, “Of Natalie’s 12 juice flavors, all are made with freshly squeezed fruit, and contain from 1–4 ingredients. They are also minimally processed, with an approximately 26-day shelf life.”

When making red juices, most people will tend to use fruits such as berries, watermelons, cherries, plums, cranberries, and pomegranates while using beets, carrots, radish, red peppers, and cucumbers as vegetables.

Check out some of these delicious recipes that’ll allow you to make your very own red juices at home!

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First comes green juice, then comes pink juice, and now red juice. What do you think is next?

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