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An Interview with Nacho Figueras, Professional Polo Player and Ralph Lauren Fragrances Spokesperson

By New You Editorial
Posted On Sep 12, 2013

Q1.        Why is this POLO RED shoot different than any Ralph Lauren Fragrances campaigns you’ve done in the past?

POLO RED is like no other Ralph Lauren fragrance. The POLO RED lifestyle is all about speed. As the model, I get to play a new role this time – taking on a dangerous and risk- taking edge that you’ve never seen me do before.

Q2.        What does red mean to you?

Red for me is a daring color, fiery.  Red is a fast car or a woman’s lips. It is all about pumping adrenaline into a man’s veins.

Q3.        What do you think about the man who wears POLO RED?

POLO RED is for the man who is a risk-taker. He commands the attention of the room. Men want to be him; women want to know him. His fragrance is powerful.

Q4.        What comes to mind when you wear the POLO RED fragrance?

Speed and seduction. The POLO RED fragrance is fresh and spicy and makes me feel sexy and confident.

Q5.        What gets your adrenaline going?

When I’m playing polo I need to push myself and be the first to the ball – that’s when my adrenaline rushes to its peak. Riding a horse is very much like driving a car. It’s about the race, hitting the right curves to get the most speed. I’m a competitor by nature, and speed makes me feel like I’m the champion of the road.

Q6.        Speaking of cars, what was your first car?

My first car was a 1981 pick-up truck ? it was white with a red stripe. The car had five gears, but I had to use a rubber band on the fifth gear in order to get it to stay. There was only an AM radio, so I used a stereo with batteries so I could blast music and pretend I was in a high-speed, fancy car.

Q7.        What it is about men and cars?

For me, it’s about freedom and taking control of my destiny. Being behind the wheel of a car can be a metaphor for life, for what it means to be a man. You are in the driver’s seat, and you have the power to choose where you’re going.

Q8.        What are memories you have of cars growing up in Argentina?

I remember when I was a young boy sitting with my father as he admired cars. He taught me to value them because to him they were important to a man; they were an expression of masculinity. When I finally learned how to drive a car and could experience its power, I began to dream about the thrill of racing a car

Q9.        What’s it like to go from riding to being behind the wheel?

While there’s nothing like riding my horses or the pure adrenaline from the competition of a polo game, I also love to get behind the wheel and go to amazing places. There’s a thrill of having the power behind such a fast machine.

Q10.     What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure? Horse power! I collect horses from all over the world and have more than 400.

Q11.     How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style reflects the many sides of my personality, but I truly believe in and live the Ralph Lauren lifestyle every day. I like to feel sexy and confident from head to toe – my clothing, including my fragrances, help me to express how I feel in that moment. When I’m feeling daring and confident I will wear the POLO RED fragrance to complement my style.

Q12.     You are the face for all of the Ralph Lauren Polo fragrances – POLO, POLO BLUE, POLO BLACK, POLO BLUE SPORT and now POLO RED. What makes each unique?

The best part of the Polo fragrances is it’s like a closet of scents to fit every side of you. For example, the first POLO fragrance is all about a sophisticated sporting lifestyle.  POLO BLACK is the urban side to this traditional man. POLO BLUE is for the man who enjoys the open waters and POLO BLUE SPORT is all about competition and victory.  POLO RED brings a new daring edge.