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Think Young, Stay Young

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 02, 2011

When it comes to living a long life, many anti-aging pundits will tell you that attitude is as important as, say, not smoking. If that is the case, then a recent poll by Associated Press and LifegoesStrong.com should be good news to all the baby boomers our there. According to the poll, three-quarters of all boomers (aged 47 to 65) still consider themselves middle-aged or younger. To boomers, old age doesn’t start until 70; a quarter of boomers don’t think it starts until age 80. Other positive findings: About a third feel confident about aging, and as many who say they’re afraid say they are happy about aging (16%). The number one thing that boomers like about aging? The wisdom they have accumulated over the years. Nothing here about being in denial, however.


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