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Holiday Relationship Do’s and Don’ts

By Melissa Gutierrez
Posted On Dec 21, 2020
Holiday Relationship Do’s and Don’ts

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It is that time of year when lights adorn the outside of homes, the oven gets more action than it has all year, long lost family starts arriving at our doorsteps and bank accounts go on diets. Oh the Holidays! Yet, there is a certain irrefutable charm about the holiday season that enchants lovers everywhere to be extra “goo-goo-ga-ga” for each other. According to www.Washingtonpost.com, “33% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.” Come on guys, be more original! Nonetheless, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to keep your darling smiling even if no proposal is in the works…yet.


  • Spend time together.

Do not let the hustle and bustle of the holiday season distract you from the real meaning of the holidays, being thankful for the things in your life. In theory, your sweetheart should be topping that list. Right?

  • Compromise.

Your family and his family are going to want to spend time together. Compromise. If Christmas Eve is more important to you, let your guy know that Christmas Eve is for your family and Christmas day can be spent with his. If the families live too far, alternating holidays is your best bet here.

  • Spoil each other.

What has he been raving about the entire year? You know, those sneakers or front row seats to that game? Don’t second guess it, that’s what you’re buying. Trust me on this.


  • Don’t obsess over photos.

We get it- you want that perfect selfie in front of the Christmas tree. Hey, if you found a great picture spot, go for it. But, do not let the social media craze interfere with quality time with your main squeeze. Rather than being on the hunt for the next picture that will generate the most likes and comments, focus on your sweetheart and watch as this creates a memorable holiday for the both of you.

  • Don’t sit and look pretty.

Let’s face it, family is a big part of the holidays. If you are going to your “in-laws” be mindful- do not show up empty handed! Bring a bottle of wine or a muffin basket, anything. Also, after dinner always offer to help cleanup and lend a hand where needed. Do the dishes or wipe down the table, but don’t sit there and look pretty. Hello, you’re wifey material and they need to see that.

  • Don’t expect a proposal.

I’m not saying it won’t happen, only you know where you both are in your relationship. Have realistic expectations and don’t get carried away with the sweet allure of the holidays and expect your man to get down on one knee just because the halls are decked with boughs of holly. Whenever he does pop the question, holiday season or not, it’ll be perfectly beautiful for the both of you.

Last piece of advice: do enjoy your families, do enjoy each other and do enjoy the holidays! Cheers friends!