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Valentine’s Day Meets DIY

By Chris Sanchez
Posted On Jan 29, 2021
Valentine’s Day Meets DIY

Valentine’s Day is often associated with a romantic night out filled with expensive dinners, gifts, and activities. But that’s not the only way to show someone you love them. In fact, some partners might find it refreshing that you put in honest effort and time into building an activity that you both can enjoy.

From a homemade dinner to an art night, these dates bring a different dimension to your relationship and can strengthen the bonds that you share.

For Your Favorite Cinephile

Movie marathons have been a staple in the dating scene since the television became a household item. There’s something romantic about curling up with your partner and sharing a quiet evening of snacks, drinks, and beloved movies.

  • Blanket: Nothing is worse than that spine-chilling feeling coming from the AC and not the horror movie you’re watching.
  • Snacks: Spice up your theater-style popcorn by adding some cayenne, cinnamon, or even some chocolate.
  • Drinks: Alcohol is often the way to go, though a good cup of hot chocolate is never a bad idea.
  • Movies: A streaming service works, but to go authentic maybe break out the DVDs.

A Foodie Lover’s Mission

Find that perfect recipe for that special foodie in your life. A nice homemade meal is an incredible way to add strength to a relationship, especially if you take some things into account.

  • Recipe: Whether it’s a recreation of their regular choice from their go-to local spot or a family favorite that you can ask your in-laws, just make sure that it is personal to your experience with that person.
  • Setting the Table: A candlelit dinner, scenic picnic, or breakfast in bed are all types of activities that you can bring charm and elegance for your Valentine’s date.
  • Music: Cherry pick some of your combined favorites or some that highlight memorable moments from your time together.

A Drunken Odyssey

Spend Valentines in a unique way by making your own DIY Painting with a Twist. Set the canvas outside and draw some scenic views as you sip on some wine. A night in is also an option as you lay canvases back to back and take time to draw each other. Either way, it’ll be a night to remember.

  • Drawing Material: Paint, charcoal, colored pencils, and chalk are only some of the ways you can customize and maximize your artistic experience.
  • Canvas: Quality stock is required if you want to display the record of this night of passion and art.
  • Alcohol: Now, wine is the preferred beverage when it comes to this creative activity, but nothing is stopping you from bringing in margaritas or an Old Fashion.