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What’s Your Type?

By New You Editorial
Posted On Feb 02, 2013

New You Health Tip: When it comes to choosing the right doctor, ask yourself, “what’s my type?”

Research shows that patients looking for personal doctors, look for a certain personality type. What’s yours? A recent study, conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Vitals.com, surveyed 2,319 adults and found that respondents favored “The Sage” doc over four other types (Dr. No Nonsense, The Idealist, Dr. Whole You, and Dr. Digital) Older patients overwhelming favored The Sage doc, who is now a seasoned veteran with a practice that is well known among his community. Younger adults, however, favored “The Idealist,” as he is a youthful Sage, who spends most of his time listening. The Idealist is also very dedicated to his community and bonding with patients in his intimate practice. So how should you select your next doc? Just remember: never settle for a less than a perfect match. To ensure that you receive the highest quality of medical care, look past convenient office locations and perceived credentials, and find the doctor who is right for you.