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Running with Swiftwick Socks

By New You Editorial
Posted On Aug 16, 2013

As a runner I have tried a variety of products that will make my long runs more comfortable. I didn’t realize how important socks were until I started training for my first half marathon last year. Making sure my socks didn’t slip off my feet halfway through a run became very important to me and I’ve tested out quite a few different brands. When I was first introduced to the Swiftwick ASPIRE compression socks I was immediately attracted to the bright colors. Being the girly girl I am, I chose a below the ankle, hot pink pair to test out.

At first touch, the socks were a very different material than any of my other running socks. When I put them on they were snug in a great way. They hugged the arch of my feet just enough so that I felt supported without being too tight. The material almost felt cool which was a nice surprise considering the heat that can build up in shoes during a long run.

During my run I almost forgot I was wearing them. The socks were very comfortable and felt like a second skin. My feet never felt uncomfortable nor did I feel any slippage. Post run my feet were smooth and dry; no sweat or irritation whatsoever.

I would definitely recommend Swiftwick ASPRIRE compression socks to all runners.